How does your process work, if I were to hire you? What will happen next?

Every project takes it’s own path, but these are the core stages of any project.

  1. CONSULTATION: We will speak with you regarding your needs and goals. This will help to generate a more accurate estimate and get us closer to what you want/need.
  2. ESTIMATE: You will be sent an estimate containing the estimated cost and parameters of the project.
  3. DESIGN + CONTENT CREATION: Depending on the depth of the project, the timeframe for this stage will vary. Once your project has been developed to completion or an earlier agreed upon phase, you will be provided a proof for your approval.
  4. PROOFING: These can be digital or paper representations of the final piece. Your approval will be required to complete or move the project forward. This is your opportunity to make changes or corrections.
  5. FINAL CHANGES: Once we receive your notes from the proof, we will create the final piece.
  6. FINAL PROOFS: If changes were made, you will be required to re-proof the final piece.
  7. OUTPUT: You will be provided the final files, your files can be sent directly to print with us or any vendor of your choosing.

Who owns the project, once it is complete?

Ownership of any design concepts or files, in support of any project, including but not limited to logos, identity suites, marketing materials and/or websites, as well as all mechanicals, transfer to the client upon full payment of all fees and costs related to those projects. mytai Design will provide the client with any requested project files providing client has no outstanding balances.


Do you provide estimates for your services?

Yes, we will provide a written estimate of requested services via email or print. Each estimate will include details regarding scope of project, timeframe, as well as fees and payments. For an estimate, visit our Estimates Page or call us at 941-404-8756.

How accurate are your cost and turnaround estimates for your Design + Marketing Services?

mytai Design’s estimates have never been more than 10% inaccurate in either direction of the final project cost and timeframe.

PLEASE NOTE: mytai will make every effort to ensure all design & implementation is completed in a timely manner and on budget. mytai Design cannot foresee every possible delay within the design & implementation process. Provided timeframe estimates are based on experience and scope of work. All timeframes are subject to change and are dependent upon Client supplying all necessary approvals, content and tools.

Do you require deposits for your services?

Design/Marketing Services – Many services require a deposit of 25% to 50% due prior to any service being rendered. The deposit will be a percentage of the agreed upon estimate provided to you.

Print Services – 100% of printing costs are due prior to print.

When will my balance be due?

Many services require a deposit of 15% to 50% due prior to any service being rendered. Balance due dates will be provided and must be paid in full prior to completion of project, unless otherwise noted.

Do you collect termination fees?

No additional termination fees will be attached to any outstanding invoices due. If for any reason this vendor/client relationship or project is discontinued, the Client is responsible to pay any outstanding invoices or any out-of-pocket expenses plus pro-rated amount equal to the completion percentage of any in-progress projects. No refunds will be provided for work discontinued by Client.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit card, bank transfer, PayPal or check. Your invoice will contain a link for online payment. You may also make a payment on our payment page: CLICK HERE TO MAKE A PAYMENT ONLINE.

Is there a charge for returned payments?

Yes, any returned payments, either via check, transfer or credit card, will result in an additional fee of $35.