Copywriting + Content Management

One of the most time-consuming parts of running a business is the sheer amount of copy that needs to written.

From blog posts to webpage copy, having to write it all can be very stressful, not to mention editing it, actually posting it, etc. Thankfully, mytai Design offers a number of Copywriting and Content Management solutions that will get you away from the word processor and back to what’s important!


No matter what your business, content creation is a great way to keep your clients engaged. Expertly written articles and blogs about your field can help you build creditability with new clients, as well as help fuel search engine optimization so they can find your business online. And then, there is the automatic boost new content can give to other marketing techniques like social media and newsletters.

Although you may be an expert in your business, you might not be an accomplished or experienced writer. That’s where we come in! We create compelling, expertly written articles and blogs for you on whatever topic you’d like! We can even help set up an editorial calendar, so you will know what content is coming down the pipe for the entire year!

Press Releases

Getting the word out when you have a big event on the horizon can be extremely stressful. But nothing quite gets the attention of the media like a well-written and engaging press release!

We know the exact journalistic feel that your press release needs. By putting the job of writing it in our hands, you are freeing up your own to take care of all of the other important details!


Webpage Copy

A webpage can make or break a business. The first impression that a client gets of your business is your website, and if it falls flat, you will too. If your website looks like it is from 1997, with flashing GIFs everywhere, it might be time for a full overhaul. Keeping your website active and alive is one of the best ways to show potential customers that you care about your business. However, it takes time to write webpage copy and tailor it to your services. Well, we have nothing but time for you! We can write high quality copy for all of your webpages, showing your customers that you are on top of things and letting them know that you want to connect with them. We can do everything from punching up your existing copy to coming up with brand-new copy for your entire site!


E-Zines + Emails

One of the best ways to reach out to customers is to have a monthly e-zine in place, with news, updates, and content (like all of those you blogs you wanted us to write!) Developing the right look and format for the online newsletter can be a hassle at best, a nightmare at worst. We, however, know exactly how to do it! We can create a perfectly tailored e-zine for your and your company, helping to keep you connected with your clients and email list. Our expertly written subject lines and snappy content will keep them from simply putting it in the junk mail folder! Just tell us what you’d like to say to your clients, and we will do the rest!

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