Social Media Marketing

Today, the growth, sustainability, and success of your business is actively dependent on your social media presence.

The online and virtual face of your company is the first impression you will make with potential customers who are looking for a service just like yours online. Here is the reality of business today: before visiting a physical storefront, 90% of your customers will check out your online presence first. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – these social media outlets can really make the difference between success and failure. If you aren’t talking to your customers online, odds are that one of your competitors are.

Thankfully, social media marketing doesn’t have to be as time consuming as you might think. Handling social media is one of our specialities. We can develop you a social media strategy, create profiles and pages for you or your business, write and schedule Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest posts, build ads, and more!

Just contact us online to set up a free social media consultation and mytai Design will be happy to get your social media working for you.


Social media planning strategy
Social media profile/page creation, customization
Social media optimization
Social media posts and visual/infographics
Social media content curation
Social media scheduling
Social media management
Social media ad creation placement
Social media insight monitoring
Social media parties anc community building activities
Social media contests and giveaways
Social media opt-ins

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